Inter-generational Art Project

Intergenerational Art Project IdeasAt the end of 2020 I was invited to help design an art activity project for older and younger generations, to be carried out over 6 sessions via online video call.


After sending over a list of ideas, a ‘Collaborative Colouring’ activity was chosen along with a remixed version of fact file questionnaires.


A local landmark was decided on to be made into a giant colouring page to be split into a puzzle piece for each of the participants. Once coloured and decorated, the collected pieces are re-assembled to create a new finished artwork made in collaboration!


We also intended to create a multimedia video showing parts of the art-making process, as well as a time-lapse to show all the separate pieces come back together again. (Coming Soon!)


[FREE Downloadable Project Packs will be online here and on request] contact me if you’d like any information or assistance with a similar project!


Volunteering with Southern Brooks Community Partnership

Date: January 2021 – Present





Started with finding an image to reproduce and make suitable for cutting into pieces and colouring. Saint Michael’s Church in Stoke Gifford was a lovely landmark and great place to visit and take photographs..

Saint Michael's Church - Stoke Gifford for Intergenerational Art Project


After some digital editing, printing, old-skool tracing methods, drawing, scanning and more digital editing. The image was ready to be split up into puzzle pieces and printed.

Tracing & Vectorising Tutorial

Some complicated and confusing mathematics later.. we were ready to roll – with the helpful grace of another volunteer and logistics maneuvered by the project leader it was all organised and ready for print. (Each person colouring will work on a roughly A4 size sheet.)



Next some tools for getting conversations started.. although the session plans were full of plenty of great things for this, we also made 6 conversation prompts in the form of themed questionnaires for the children / young people to ask the residents of a local carehome. These documents were set-up with simple questions and printed with mandala art activities on the back.

Conversation Cards for Inter-Generations - Question and Answer Sheets